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Fish with the best guide near OrlandoWant a different Orlando Attraction?  Then go fishing with Captain Keith!  Captain Keith has fished with a number of celebrities from local to national.  Here are a few--check them them out then call Capt Keith and go fishing!



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O'Neill Williams--Outdoor Television StarFamous Orlando fishing as seen on TV

O'Neill is the host of the popular outdoor show O'Neill Outside, and he produced a show on my boat in January 09  (airing nationwide in March 09), and we did great with redfish to 30 pounds!  He has been on television for almost 30 years, and is considered one of the premier outdoorsmen in the country.  On top of that, he is as pleasant as can be--a true southern gentleman!

Fishing near Orlando as seen on Television


Steve Liesman--NBC ReporterFishing the famous Florida flats

Steve Liesman is a senior economics commentator for the cable news/business TV channel CNBC. He is well-known for appearing on the CNBC programs Squawk Box and Bullseye, where he used his "easels" while explaining the state of the economy.  He is also often seen on other news programs as a guest expert.  I found him very down-to-earth, patient, and he is an excellent fly fisherman!

Famous people fish near Orlando


Dedra Curtis--Mrs. Florida 2010

Mrs. America fishis with Captain Keith near OrlandoMrs. America, Mrs. Florida, and Mrs. Orlando 2010, Dedra Curtis, has been fishing with me a number of times along with her husband Brian and son Trenton.  Dedra has a number of awards in Florida beauty pageants, and is the owner of Legal One, a top legal service in the Orlando area. 

Orlando fishing guide for big fishFish the beautiful Space Coast


Allen Treadwell--Television Sportsman

Outdoorsmen fish near orlandoAllen Treadwell, of Seligman, Missouri, is a well-known hunter and decorated shotgun shooter whoís been on television shows a multitude of times, has won numerous titles, including 2000 Missouri State Athlete of the Year, 2001 Championship of the American Champion and 2003 National Collegiate Champion (shooting). Heís the holder of two National Records in International Skeet Shooting, and heís an Olympic Team Alternate. Allen is a pro staff member of Bass Pro Shops Red Head Pro Hunting Team and of Hi-Viz Site. When Allen isnít competing in shotgun competitions, heís winning tournaments with his rifle, bow and muzzleloader.


Pat Ford--World-Famous Outdoor Photographer

Fishing photographyFish beautiful Florida sceneryPat is a pleasure to fish with!  If you want to see an amazing collection of outdoor photography, check out his website, www.patfordphotos.com, it is the most beautiful website I have ever browsed.  Pat is an expert fly fisherman, and his books manage to capture the beauty we all see when we are in the great outdoors.  Here is a picture he took of me while we fished together down in Stuart.


Wally Marshall--Mr. Crappie

Fish for big fish that can eat crappieWally Marshall s the most well known name in Crappie Fishing today, and his Mr. Crappie Brand is considered the best possible gear and videos for crappie fishing.  With a total of 2fish famous waters near Orlando7 National tournament wins, and a guest on many national television shows like Jimmy Houston, Barry Stokes Outdoor Trails, Fishing the West and the Host of Bass Pro Shops Outdoor world Crappie segments and videos, Wally is one of our nation's top fishing experts.   I had a blast fishing with him, and look forward to the time we get back on the water!


Dr. Mitchell Roffer--Ocean Scientist

Orlando coast fishingDr. Mitch is mostly known for his Roffer's Ocean Forecasting Service, providing tactical and strategic fisheries forecasts that are the result of the integration of satellite and other fisheries oceanographic data. However, they are intensively involved in a broad range of projects such as ship routing, oil and gas drilling operations, seismic and fish surveys, fisheries development, aquaculture, environmental monitoring, and applied scientific research.  Dr. Roffer was seen often on national television during the gulf oil spill, using his expertise in ocean currents to understand the oil movements.  See more at www.roffs.com .  He is an expert fisherman with substantial experience, and is involved in the protection of our fisheries.


Tom Olsen--Attorney & Radio Talk Show HostCocoa beach fishing

Tom Olsen is a prominent attorney in the Orlando area that has had a popular radio talk show for over 20 years.  Nearly everyone in the area is familiar with the show and its pleasant and knowledgeable host.  I took Tom and his son Jackson out, and they both caught their biggest fish ever! 


Rodney SmithCocoa fishing--Outdoor Magazine Editor

Captain Rodney Smith is well-known in Florida as a top fishing expert and media personality.  He is the editor of the largest magazine in the state, Coastal Angler Magazine, and is a co-host on the award-winning television show The Chevy Florida Fishing Report.  Rodney and I have fished together multiple times, and we keep in contact.  He is always great to be around!


Max Branyon--Outdoor Writer & PhotographerBig Orlando Fun

Max is one of the preeminent outdoor writers not only in Florida, but throughout the country.  He has authored numerous outdoor articles for magazines such as Florida Sportsman and Shallow Water Angler.  He also is the author of the Florida Saltwater Fishing Guide.  He is a total gentleman, and always a joy to fish with.  This picture was the largest Jack Crevalle he had ever caught, and we took it off of Canaveral.

Note:  Max passed away in June of 2009, he will be missed by many.


Chris Rhoads--Radio Personality Barracuda

Radio personality Chris Rhoads has had a stellar career in the music and radio industry.  I was lucky enough to have him on my boat as a promotion by WHTQ radio sponsored by Cox Radio Inc.  He caught the biggest fish of his life!



Larry Bozka--Outdoor Writer & Photographer fish where Larry Bozka fished

A fifth-generation Texan, Larry Bozka has been a professional outdoor writer, editor, photographer, broadcaster, video producer, marketing consultant and public speaker for over 30 years.  As the first full-time editor of the Coastal Conservation Associationís TIDE magazine, and the recipient of the Texas Outdoor Writers Association's highest honor, the L.A. Wilke Lifetime Achievement award, Larry is truly one of the best in outdoor writing, and a great guy to have onboard The MTC!


David and Chad Luff--Hookup Lures

Hookup Lures ruleDavid and Chad are the owners of Hookup Lures, the premier manufacturer of both inshore and offshoreFish Hookup Lures lures.  The weedless jigs we were using the day of these pictures is a staple on the flats for bonefish, permit, and redfish, and their offshore lures for dolphin, king mackerel, barracuda and more are simply the most simple, proven products on the market.  Many of the offshore fish you see on my website were caught using their products.  I was pleased to have such superb members of the Florida fishing community fish aboard The MTC!


Dr. Jay Wright--IGFA World Record Holder World record holder

world record fly seatrout



Dr. Jay holds two IGFA world records for seatrout on the fly.  I have known him since 2003, when he fished on The MTC, catching his first fly-caught redfish.  He isfly fish with the best captain near orlando active in the fishing community in the Orlando area, and is onFishing with Capt Keith is fun with a flye of the nicest guys you will ever meet.





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