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Fly FishingFly fish near Orlando with an expert captain

Captain Keith is a True Expert on Fly Fishing the Flats!

Fly Fishing guide near Orlando

Fly Fishing near Orlando for Redfish & Seatrout on the Flats can be Awesome!  We can also fly fish in the open ocean for some real bruisers.  Here are some Guidelines for our specialized fly fishing. 


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FFF Certified Fly Casting Instructor guide near Orlando



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Fly Fishing captain near Orlando will get you the big fish

Note:  Captain Keith is proud to be a lifetime member, and Featured Captain, of the Federation of Fly Fishers, has fly fished and tied flies for over 30 years, and understands the specialized needs of the fly fisherman!  He has the distinction of being one of the few FFF Certified Casting Instructors, and he is also an Instructor  at the world-class Orlando Fly Fishing Academy.

Here is a brief understanding of our famous flats fishing.  Go to the "Articles" page for other great info, including an outline of good flies for the area, and  how I tie my favorite fly!

Fly Fishing The Flats

It is one of the ultimate, and most challenging, adventures in angling--you are  quietly poling along on The MTC, sneaking along while looking for a tip of tail, a Fully qualified fly fishing guide near Orlandosilent wake or a dark shape, when you see it--a redfish working its way down the shoreline towards you looking for an exposed crab for lunch.  You false cast twice, and drop your hand-tied fly in front of the fish.  As the red approaches, you take a short strip so your artificial creature makes a small hop, attracting the red's attention.  He surges forward, sucking it in with a quick flare of his gills.   You strike, putting the steel hook in the corner of his mouth, and he explodes, throwing water and running fifty yards in the first run.

This fantastic experience is not an unusual one on The MTC.  Captain Keith has been fly fishing and tying flies for over thirty years, and loves this particularly demanding aspect of the sport.  If you want to attempt this challenge, here are some things that might help.Fly Fishing the Central Florida flats near Orlando

What can't be emphasized enough is to understand how important it is to be able to flycast the proper distances.  Our fish are extremely spooky, and very few fish are caught closer than 50 from the boat.  That means you MUST be able to double-haul and cast a minimum of 60-70 feet, with 70-80 feet preferred.

The best type of fly gear for our fish (redfish, trout, snook, possibly small tarpon), is a 7-9 weight, 9-foot rod with matching reel and line.  Floating weight-forward line is most commonly used.  On The MTC, you will find top-quality rods designed for our fishing.  If you prefer to use your own gear on a charter, you are certainly welcome to bring it.

Fly fishing guide near Cocoa BeachAgain, because it is so important, be sure your casting is up to the task!  You should be able to cast at least 60-70 feet, and the mastery of the double-haul is highly suggested.  You have very little time between when a fish is spotted and when the fish moves away (normally about 10 seconds), so a quick cast with only 2-3 false casts is needed.  This is also complicated by wind and the fish moving.  With over 30 years of experience, Captain Keith will be happy to give pointers.

Leaders are usually 10-12 feet of fluorocarbon, hand-knotted to get the proper taper and strength.  Fluorocarbon is selected for its abrasion resistance and lack of visibility. If you want to use a light tippet, then a short length of 10-15# fluorocarbon shock leader is recommended.

Fly fish the famous Florida flats near OrlandoFlies used in our area are typically made to represent shrimp, crabs, and small finfish, with the selection being influenced by the season, weather, and water conditions.  Captain Keith has tied flies for over 30 years, and has a number of patterns that are effective in the local area, from well-known patterns to specialty ones.  Go to the "Articles" page for a few of Captain Keith's favorites, and how to tie one of the best!

Orlando fly fishing guide ties his own flies