Types of Fish

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The fishing near Orlando includes some great sportfish on Light Tackle, or even Fly Fishing!

Catch a variety of fish near Orlando

 We have a marvelous diversity of great fishing charters and eco tours near Orlando with a variety of game fish that will satisfy every angler!  Here are a few of the main species, but other types of fish are available.


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Fishing near Orlando, you can catch a variety of fish


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Catch big redfish near Orlando

Redfish are actually Red Drum, and are our premium gamefish on the flats of central Florida just east of Orlando.  We fish the famous waters of the the Indian River Lagoon for these great sportfish.  They are challenging to catch in our area since they are found in 1-2 feet of water and are spooky as bonefish! 

These copper-colored beauties can get quite large and can be caught on bait, lures, and flies.  Sight fishing for redfish on the flats is one of angling's top challenges, so bring your "A" game! 

Redfish are here year-round, so whenever you get down to Orlando go catch a redfish!

Catch big redfish near Cocoa Beach

Catch big redfish near Port Canaveral

Catch big redfish near Kennedy space center

Fishing charters for kids and adults

Sea Trout

Fishing charters for expert fishermenSea Trout are known as the most popular fish in Florida for the locals.  They are plentiful and fun to catch.  While they do not get as big as redfish, nor do they have the same power, they are a lovely fish that hits lures and put up a good showing when they get larger--and captain Keith is known to catch big ones on his boat!

Sea Trout are flats fish and again are year-round residents of our waters near Orlando, but the big ones are more apt to show up in the winter and spring.  The types of fishing used to catch these beauties include bait, lures, and flies.


Catch big seatrout near Orlando

Fun fishing for kids is catching seatrout near Orlando Catch big seatrout near Cocoa Beach

Catch big seatrout near disney world

Black Drum

Catch big black drum near Orlando

Black Drum are the cousin of redfish, and in many ways are very similar.  They are on our shallow-water flats and can be found nearly year-round.  They rarely take lures, but can be caught on flies and bait.

Black Drum can be quite large, in fact, Captain Keith has had drum as large as 70 lbs on The MTC!


catch big black drum near Cocoa Beach

Catch big black drum near disney

Catch big black drum near Seaworld








Tarpon are one of the ultimate game fish of the world, and many people don't know that you can catch tarpon right here near Orlando!  Tarpon are a summertime fish migrating in when the water is warm--June and July are peak months, but you could battle with one right through September.  These are difficult fish to find and catch, and are always a challenge!  We primarily fish for the big ocean fish nearshore out of Port Canaveral, and the weather is a factor, limiting the days we are able to go out on the open ocean and fish for these monsters.


Catch big tarpon near OrlandoTarpon are a fishing monster near OrlandoTarpon are a fish of a lifetime near Orlsndo







Catch big tarpon near Cocoa Beach

King Mackerel

Catch big tarpon near DisneyKings, kingfish, whatever you call them, king mackerel live up to their name!  They can swim 40 miles an hour, have razor-sharp teeth, and a mean disposition.  King mackerel are great battlers and are in the open ocean near Orlando in the summer. 

This speed demon is great on light gear and will give you a screaming drag you won't soon forget!  If you have never caught a king mackerel on light gear, then you need to try it!



catch big king mackerel near Orlando

catch big king mackerel near Disney

catch big king mackerel near Cocoa Beach

Big fish fishing charters near Orlando


catch big cobia near OrlandoCobia are caught in our coastal waters here in Central Florida primarily during the spring and early summer, but one can pop up at anytime.  They are not related to any other fish, but are known for their fighting strength, and are one of the best eating fish that swims.  We call them the "Brown Clowns"  since they are known for suddenly appearing at boatside, willing to grab a bait and pick a fight.



Catch big cobia near Disney

Catch big king mackerel near Cocoa BeachA cobia is a fish of a lifetime near Orlando







Our charters Catch big fish only an hour from Disney

Jack Crevalle

Catch big jacks near OrlandoThe marine scientists say that the Jack Crevalle is one of the strongest fish in the ocean, and I believe them!  This bulldog of a fish is fast, mean, strong, and doesn't give up.  They are one of my favorite fish, and the only reason we haven't fished them into oblivion is because they are not good table fare.

Often mistaken for amberjack (see one of those in the bottom fish section below), this fish is found in our nearshore waters during the summer months, terrorizing small baits and wearing out anglers' arms and backs.  This is a fish that is magnificent, and every angler should catch one once!


Catch monster fish including jacks only an hour from DisneyJack crevalles are big fish near orlandoBig fish are caught just miles from Disney







Fishing tours for a variety of big fish near Orlando and Disney


Catch a barracuda near Orlando

We all know of this fish that scares people with its toothy mouth.  It is a great fish to catch!  Cudas jump, run, and are usually available in our summer months.  It can get quite large, with fish over 30 lbs possible.  I often ask people what was their favorite fish to catch on our trip on The MTC, and often barracuda are at the top of the list!




Catch a big barracuda near orlando

Big barracuda are only an hour from Orlando

You might catch a big barracuda fishing only an hour from orlando







Catch an Orlando fish, come fishing with a top guide